We made it easy for E-commerce clients to use our technology.

Client Dashboard

Shipping & Dispatching Report

Inventory Reports

Financial Reports

Ticketing System

Manage pickup addresses from google

Shipments and status update

RTC Report

Approvals system in inbound

API Integration

And much more


Android Application.

Inventory Controller.

Financial Reports

Shipping & Delivery Report

Shipping & Delivery Report

Ready for RTC reports

Approvals system in inbound.

Live update.

Delivery Performance Report

And much more

Our Features


Notification for damage orders

Upon our team receiving your products , we carefully inspect all your products and sort them & you can manage all of your orders using client dashboard

Stocks Receiving

Using our application or customer dashboard you have just to upload the SKU and schedule date and time for receiving from our end, NO NEED TO MAKE ANY CALLS TO REQUEST PICKUP


The technical support team and the developers are located in Saudi Arabia where they are ready to assist you in the API process in case you have any integration issue.

Inventory Submitted

In case you don’t have API Integration between our systems and your store, you can add orders through your dashboard or smart application in two ways: First, by adding products in batches. Second: to upload an Excel file with all the data needed  to  appear on our systems

No Missing Orders

Our team works on picking SKU’s based to your E-commerce website that pushes the orders, and to insure that the team picks the correct items as the same as your orders which reflects your website orders . The technology will guide them in case there are any human errors

Alarm - Out of stocks

Our systems tells you if your inventory is near to be out of stock and you need to fill it in order to serve your customers the right way.

Delivery & productivity for couriers companies

Our systems automatically inform you about the best and worst performance of the couriers companies directly by charting or reports from the systems and the number of days of delay in delivery and perhaps the delivery of the shipment on time may help you to achieve the highest profit and to increase the confidence of your customers.

Finance Reports

Our financial reports will tell you about the amount collected and transferred to you without contacting your account manager

Safe packaging

We provide to our customers with all types of safe packaging for their orders and storage, as our team has enough experience to understand the needs for products & special packaging as well as you can request specific packing from our end and we will provide it.


Now you can integrate using our system with any E-commerce platform within 15 minutes using our plugins for Magento, Opencart, shopify, wordpress.

Customer App

Diggipack provide customer application to check and manage all operations on time & stay close to your business.

Unlimited Dispatches

Our technology dispatch your volume to the multiple delivery companies based on to the capacity & the rating on the delivery company.


We are proud to be one of the first companies that designed an intelligent system to deal with all the problems of customers who were suffering from poor storage and delivery from other suppliers, we have integrated solutions to fit Middle East to show the best results.

Focus on your Business and keep the rest be on us

We will use all of our technology for you… and we will receive, prepare and deliver your products on time