No matter what type of business you’re running, on-time parcel delivery is essential, so a scheduled delivery is important. Through which the shipment plan is organized precisely and specifically, thus managing the logistics operations better. This ensures that orders are on time delivery, thus gaining customer satisfaction with the service provided.

Especially since customers are very annoyed when delivery dates are delayed, scheduled deliveries greatly affect customer satisfaction. That’s why the logistics operations manager needs to develop a plan for scheduled delivery while fulfilling orders, and in this article we will show you all the details about this and how it affects the improvement of delivery efficiency and fulfillment of orders.

What is scheduled delivery?

A scheduled delivery is a method of order fulfillment, which is an agreement between the parties involved with a specific date and time in the delivery process.

As well as specifying the time, path and place in which the exchange of products will take place.

Which greatly helps in avoiding delays, as well as making both parties aware of the course of the delivery process.

In general, this method of fulfilling orders helps to avoid the process of losing customer satisfaction or losing products during the delivery process.

How scheduled delivery works

scheduled delivery

As for the mechanism of scheduled delivery, it is as follows, the customer orders his own product, and then sets the date he wants to receive his order.

For example, if the intended online store provides shipping within 3 days from the date of the order, the scheduled delivery option will allow the customer to choose the time at which he prefers to receive his order.

That is, determining the time period in which the customer can receive his order upon the date of receipt scheduled in the online store, and in the event of any problems, the customer is informed of that.

In many cases, something outside the shipping company may occur, such as changes in the weather or sudden decisions from the state, preventing the shipping process at the time specified by the customer.

In that case, the customer is contacted and informed of the matter, and then a new appointment is reached with him that suits him and does not conflict with the available circumstances at the same time.

Why scheduled delivery is still popular

Scheduled deliveries are still very popular today for their role in giving the customer the option to choose the right time to receive their order.

Thus, meeting the requirements of customers better and providing them with convenience.

Which made many electronic stores integrate this option within the options of delivering orders to customers.


Challenges of scheduled delivery

There are a number of challenges standing in the way of scheduled delivery which makes many businesses, especially e-stores, facing difficulty in implementing scheduled delivery in their business.

The following are the most important of those challenges:

1. Need to use many digital tools

The biggest challenge facing the scheduled delivery process is allowing customers to control the date and time of delivery.

Which will require you to do a lot of adjustments in your online store and use a number of smart tools that allow you to process orders on time by customers.

But you can solve that problem and meet this challenge easily by using API integration and connecting it to your online store platform.

2. Delay in delivery leads to loss of customer satisfaction

One of the most important issues facing this method is that if the order is late for the specified date, this will lead to the loss of customer satisfaction and their trust in you.

Especially since this method depends mainly on the speed of delivery, so you always need to allocate additional time during the delivery process to avoid any unexpected changes that affect the delivery date of the order.

3. Last-Minute Cancellations

Many customers, if they do not receive their orders on the time they specified, immediately cancel their order.

Which will cost you the same shipping expenses as well as the customer will lose you and will not deal with you again, so you need to fulfill orders on time as possible.

4. No other delivery options

Relying on scheduled delivery alone as a delivery option is not the best thing, because customers always love choice.

Do not provide this option only and ignore the rest of the other options in delivery, so provide more than one shipping method and at the same time do not exaggerate so that customers do not feel confused and leave your store.

How to improve delivery efficiency

scheduled delivery

Scheduled deliveries will help you to enhance the fulfillment of your orders, thus reducing work disruptions and increasing customer satisfaction with the services provided.

It will also allow your team to focus on other more important tasks, which will positively impact your business.

Using the latest methods and tools, Diggipacks can help you boost your business and make shipping and delivery operations more efficient.