Recently, the so-called multi channel selling has spread, and this has coincided with the phenomenon of online shopping and its widespread spread. As many commercial stores are now selling their products via the Internet in addition to selling through the store or the main branch, due to the advantage of online shopping in saving time and effort for the customer.

With the possibility of comparing the prices of one product through other electronic stores. In addition to the ability to know the opinions and comments of previous customers on the product you want to buy. But many of these stores operate their branches and online stores completely separately from each other. In this article we will give you all the details about multi channel selling and how Diggipacks can help you.

What is multi channel selling

It is a system of selling through several platforms, which is to sell your products via the Internet in addition to selling them through the main branches.

But the branches are managed completely separate from the site, so that orders and customer data are not linked to each other.

And the more of these channels, the higher the amount of profit. This type of sale includes at least one physical store, in addition to at least one online store as well.

Statistics have shown that this method increases the percentage of sales by approximately 190% of stores that are satisfied with one channel.

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Choosing the right sales channel

multi channel selling

The first thing you should consider while using multi channel selling to grow your sales is to find the right sales channels that are right for you.

You can choose the right sales channels by asking yourself where do your customers shop? And which niche is expected to generate the most new sales for you?

Thus, you can easily determine the new sales channels that you will rely on, and in the beginning choose one or two channels to focus on.

Selling on Multiple sales channel

There are many reasons that prompted traders to sell through multi channel selling, due to their desire to increase productivity and thus obtain a greater amount of net profit.

Also, many merchants want to increase the quantity of the product in the market through multi channel selling.

This is in addition to improving the customer’s experience with the product, as well as the expansion of the customer base.

And there are many advantages offered by selling through multi channel selling, the most important of which are:

  • Improving client expectations, and working to gain his trust and satisfaction. And that is one of the main advantages of multi channel selling.
  • Providing a unified identity for the product through all channels, which helps the customer to access it from anywhere.
  • Standardization of prices and promotions across all sales channels.
  • Collect customer information for use in the marketing process, and target each category of customers when marketing the product they need.
  • Enhancing productivity, increasing sales, and achieving greater profit, in addition to a greater presence in new sales channels.

All of these advantages motivate traders to go towards multi-channel selling and take advantage of these wonderful advantages.

Managing your multi channel selling business

To be able to benefit from selling through multiple sales channels, you need to have good management of those channels.

Especially since one of the biggest problems with multi channel selling is that you will need to manage inventory in more than one channel.

This means that you will spend a significant amount of time monitoring stock levels, and other tasks.

To solve this problem of multi channel selling, you will need to have a good management of all of these channels.

And you can easily do this by setting up a method for integrating your entire inventory into one platform.

This will make it easier for you to manage all those channels, thus reducing errors and improving expectations better.

How can diggipacks help you in multi channel selling?

multi channel selling

Diggipacks is one of the best logistic services companies, based on the latest technology. Through its services, you will be able to reduce the cost of shipping and provide the best delivery services to your customers.

As Digipacks has systems connected to all shipping logistics companies in the region, including more than 30 distinct shipping companies.

In terms of multi channel selling, diggipacks provides all the linking tools by programming plugins and modules for most of the e-commerce sites.

All shipment distribution through diggipacks is done using artificial intelligence, as well as selecting the best performance suitable for your business to increase efficiency and improve customer reputation in the market.

In addition to the distinctive storage services suitable for the nature of your business, Diggipacks owns huge spaces in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Diggipacks will also provide you with all the technologies that will enable you to monitor your inventory, manage inventory and returns.

As well as services for customs clearance of products and preparing them for distribution directly.

And all the shipping and other logistics services offered by Diggipacks at reasonable prices and price plans to suit all budgets, thus ensuring the best quality of work at the most appropriate prices possible.