Accuracy in fulfilling customer orders is very important in e-commerce, especially since mis shipments may cause many problems for e-commerce companies as well as their relationship with customers, as customers lose confidence if they receive a wrong shipment.

Therefore, special care must be given to the process of fulfilling customer requests, from placing the correct product in the correct box, to attaching it to the correct data label and delivering it.

So dealing with customers and fulfilling their requests requires extreme accuracy, and in this article, we will show you all the details about mis shipments, and its harm to companies and its impact on customers. We will also show you how to deal with cases of wrong shipments, and how Diggipacks can help you with that.

‎What are mis shipments?‎

It is the process through which a wrong product is sent to the customer, which is contrary to his request, and this process causes a lot of losses.

Where customers lose confidence in your company when they receive a wrong shipment.

You as the business owner bear the cost of losing customer satisfaction and possibly losing it forever.

In addition to the costs associated with shipping the correct product quickly to the customer.

And therefore incurring double transportation expenses due to the wrong delivery of the customer’s shipment.

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‎How do mis shipments affect customers?‎

mis shipments

One of the most prominent consequences of mis shipments is their significant negative impact on customer satisfaction in general, as when a customer receives a wrong shipment, he feels very frustrated.

Which leads him to lose confidence in the services provided by that company, and in many cases it comes to canceling the order or not dealing with the same company again.

In addition to the significant impact of mis shipments on the profitability achieved by the company, they incur additional costs related to customer service to the company.

Frequent mis-shipments result in significantly reduced customer satisfaction and loyalty, which affects the company’s reputation and market position.

‎How do mis shipments damage businesses?‎

For businesses, mis shipments greatly affect the business’s presence and survival in the market, and this is because it seriously harms the profitability of companies.

In the event that shipments are incorrectly delivered, this means additional expenses associated with having the items shipped back correctly to their owners.

In addition to additional expenses related to customer service, as noted, mis shipments affect customer satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

Therefore, accuracy in fulfilling orders in the correct manner is extremely important in e-commerce in particular, especially since customers are more sensitive when they deal with online stores.

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‎How to combat and prevent mis shipments

Mis shipments occur when someone in your company’s warehouse fails to pick up products exactly as specified in the fulfillment document.

From the moment the error arises, unwanted additional costs begin to negatively affect the performance and reputation of your company.

Especially since mis shipments result in huge costs that your company may not be able to avoid or recover again.

That’s why many companies try to minimize mis shipments, while trying to fulfill orders properly. Here are a number of practices that may help you combat mis shipments:

1. Check your stock on a regular basis

Which helps in better inventory management thus avoiding mistakes while picking or picking up and avoiding the problem.

2. Use Robust Warehouse Management Software and Barcode Scanners

Which will help you update your inventory accurately, and check that the correct items are selected according to the requests of the customers.

3. Perform a quality control check

By using useful techniques to scan the request quickly after it has been selected to verify its validity.

4. Offer an easy returns system

Allowing customers to ship products back correctly and as quickly as possible, in an effort to gain their satisfaction again.

‎How Diggipacks can help your business prevent mis shipments

mis shipments

Diggipacks intelligent systems can help you reduce mis shipments, by utilizing modern technologies around inventory and returns management.

Which would help you in accurately fulfilling orders and selecting different items, as well as inventory management systems that are able to provide you with reports about your inventory and follow it up continuously.

This provides you with the ability to better meet customer requests, as well as avoid cases of wrong delivery of products and provide a system of returns and customer service at the highest level.