Inventory management is the backbone of any business, especially e-commerce. Inventory automation is considered as one of the best mechanisms that helps in managing inventory effectively, through which you will be able to anticipate customers. This in addition to reducing the time taken to process orders, which boosts the sales of your business. In this article, we will provide you with all the details about inventory automation, as well as its most important features and impact on your business.

What is inventory automation? 

Inventory automation means the use of modern technologies in inventory management, which reduces human intervention in inventory management.

Thus, the ability to track items in stock, as well as monitor its levels, which helps in stock analysis, and speed in processing orders.

5 automation features are must-have

inventory automation

There are 5 basic features that an inventory automation system can offer you, which will facilitate your business better. Here are the main features:

1. Re-order notification

By inventory automation you will be able to get notifications before your inventory runs out.

Thus, avoid out of stock situations that can incur a huge loss to your customers, by giving you a reorder notice.

With it, you will be able to recognize when your inventory is nearing the end, and thus remind you to refill the inventory.

Also, this system will help you in taking an orderly approach to purchasing and storing goods in your warehouse, thus avoiding situations of overstocking.

It will also allow the automation of the inventory, in addition to its full control with the ability to determine the level of re-order of the items in your warehouse.

2. Marketplace automation

Inventory automation will help you Order Management in the best possible way, as well as process all purchase orders, sales and invoices.

All of this will help you in automating your market, being able to better deal with customers and their orders.

And if you are thinking of expanding your business and owning an online store, inventory automation will help you expand your business effectively.

This is done by automatically adding items to your inventory, and automatically updating inventory statuses.

Also, the automated system will help you update shipping rates in real time, thus the most cost-effective shipping option for your business.

3. Reporting

Inventory automation will give you access to real-time reports, thus helping you formulate your business strategy in the best possible way.

Reports help a business in charting and evaluating accurate trends in the company’s performance, and they are the basis for any business decision.

Through this system, you will be able to obtain accurate reports, thus reducing the chances of losing important information, and greatly reducing errors.

4. Barcode scanning

A barcode scanner is an electronic device that scans the code for an item, then records all its details in your inventory software.

It is a form of inventory automation with which you can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and save a lot of time.

The feature of barcode scanners is especially important for businesses with growing demands, as it will help them process items better.

5. SKU generator

The SKU generator is a tool that helps you manage the numbers and codes of the products you have in your store, which helps you place stock items as you specify.

It is an important form of inventory automation, which will help you organize your inventory effectively.

How does automation in inventory management impact your business?

inventory automation

Inventory automation can help you in your business effectively, as it will enable you to fulfill the Demand management of your customers in the best possible way.

This is in addition to the possibility of anticipating and thus meeting the various interests of customers, and providing the best management of your inventory.

Thus, it helps maintain the effectiveness of your daily operations, by improving the speed of work and accuracy in orders.

Inventory automation also helps take over a lot of tasks and thus helps your team focus on growth strategies for your business.

This will reflect positively on improving the quality of your work and products, which will lead to an increase in your profits.