What is Diggipacks?

3PL Last mile & Fulfillment services over all Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with competitive prices at the local market.

What's the capacity for Diggipacks?
  • Diggipack has more than 15 partners providing facility ( +20,000 SQM ) to storage the stocks from our customers over all KSA.
  • Diggpacks has more than 10 shipping companies integrated with our system as they can handle more than 20,000 orders per day.
What kind of services Diggipacks provide?
  • Delivery over all KSA.
  • Fulfillment for E-Commerce & pallets.
  • Cold storage like Cosmetics.
  • High technology for our clients.
  • All E-commerce solutions.
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Is the account will activated immediately after registration?

The account will activated when the official contracts are signed electronically and immediately the account will be live.

In case there is problem in the application or client dashboard with whom is communicating?

With our support team support@diggipacks.com.

Is it possible for the customer to register more than one service?

All solutions are available as per customer request.


Who's the partners for Diggipacks?

We deal with most of shipping companies in KSA that meet our requirements.

What is the difference between you and other companies

Diggipacks has all the logistics solutions in one platform such as Last Mile, Fulfilment and the new technology we use is definitely different from other companies which we can handle unlimited orders by our partners.

What is the maximum weight for shipping?

The maximum weight of shipping is 30 kg and terms and conditions applied. 

How I can track the orders?

You can track your shipments through diggipacks.com + client dashboard to manage all activities.

Are shipping rates fixed?

All shipping rates are fixed except ( SDD ) same day delivery service.

What is the coverage area for Diggipacks ?

We’re cover all KSA cities.

What’s the delivery timeline?

We have 3 zones for delivery but the maximum timeline for any domestic between 1-5 days .


I have E-Commerce platform and I need fulfillment service + last mile, How long Integration will take from your support team?

We have plugins ready to install such as opencart, Magento, Magento 2, Woo commerce, Shopify and you can install our plugins within 15 min then you can start pushing the orders automatically in Diggipacks system.

I have cosmetics and I need temperature control

Diggipacks has 3 types of storage:

1- Normal SKU’s for e-commerce such as electronic, coffee, machines ….etc
2- Banks shipments or high value orders in special area.
3- Temperature control room to storage such as cosmetic & perfume. 

Can I ask to storage my items to different cities in KSA?

Yes you can select any city in KSA to storage your items there.

Can I cancel my order while pushed in your system?

Yes you can cancel your orders while booking statue for FREE of charge.

How many cities Diggipacks served?

Diggipacks has more than 15 fulfillment center currently for most of KSA cities and number is increased on daily basis.

Can I be one of your partners and what's the requirements for this step?

Yes you can be our partner anytime, you can contact us using the below page: 

Join Us


What's the meaning of API?

Diggipacks allow you to API-Integration  your E-commerce platform with our system by using special plugins to push the order information automatically such as name, address , COD amount and mobile number for your customers.

How I can integrate my E-commerce platform with you after signing the contract?

Diggipacks will provide to you plugins which matching your platform type like Magento, opencart, Woo commerce, Magento 2, and shopify then you can install it within 15 min to start your business. 


Diggipacks Technology

Diggipacks has huge technology to make the customers happy.

1- Delivery performance per courier company: system will decide automatically the best delivery company for our customers and system will keep pushing the orders for high performance company and ignoring low performance company in future till they clear pending shipments.

2- Alarm for low stocks availability.

3- Fast fulfillment process with high security.

4- Update the statue of the orders onspot.

5- API integration with all our partners & couriers company.

6- No missing shipments will be dispatched to your customer using security management system.

7- Plugins for most of E-commerce platforms.

8- Auto dispatch for delivery company based to their performance.

9- WMS.

10- Auto report to be send it to the customers and live update to the E-commerce platforms.

And much more

Which system Diggipacks used?

Diggipacks use FASTCOO technology for fulfillment & Last mile.

Focus on your Business and keep the rest be on us

We will use all of our technology for you… and we will receive, prepare and deliver your products on time