One of the most important issues that hinders and causes problems for e-store owners is the delay in the shipping process, due to the delivery exception. Which would affect customer satisfaction, especially since customers always have high expectations for delivery, and they want the best possible service. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, and these exceptions often occur while shopping at online stores. But by using modern technology and tools this can be addressed, and in this article we will provide you with all the details about delivery exception.

What is a delivery exception?

The delivery exception is a delay in the delivery of a customer’s order, due to something happening that prevented the order from being delivered on time.

There are many reasons for the this exception, which could be due to:

  • Bad weather.
  • Incorrect address.
  • Incorrect label information.
  • Shipping label damaged.
  • Traffic problems.

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What are the different types of delivery exceptions?

There are many types of delivery exception that can occur on a daily basis, and they occur for more than one reason, and the following are the most important types of this exception:

Holidays and official occasions

Among the reasons for this exception is the occurrence of delays due to holidays and official occasions, which make the roads crowded and shipping companies disrupted most of the time.

Lost orders

One of the most important types of this exception is the loss of the order itself, for many reasons such as problems with the shipping company or problems with the delivery route.

There may be problems with the address such as incorrect or difficult to access, or missing documents.

Customs delays

Customs in the case of international shipping can cause delays in the delivery of orders, due to the procedures that international shipments go through in customs.

Traffic accidents

Most drivers use a route planner, in order to avoid traffic issues that result in this exception, thus delaying the delivery of customers’ orders.

There are problems with shipping information and documents

Shipping documents are important to the delivery process, and any problems or loss in them can cause this exception, including missing labels or missing customs documents.

Inclement weather

Extreme weather conditions can be a major reason for delaying customers’ orders, thus causing a problem in the delivery process which results in this exception.

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Why are delivery exceptions important? 

delivery exception

It is very important for customers to get their orders on time, especially since online purchases involve a lot of worry about receiving the order on time.

The most common problem with e-commerce is the delivery exceptions, which cause customers to lose faith in the store they are dealing with.

And they become more discontented with the services provided, so this problem must be taken care of and try to address its occurrence, so as not to lose customers completely.

How a delivery exception impacts business?

These inconveniences related to the delivery process affect your business greatly, and here are the most important aspects of the impact:

  • The inefficiency of your business, due to poor management and a lack of resources to deal with cases of shipping exceptions.
  • The loss of resources, which costs the owners of electronic stores a lot of large losses, and clearly affects the revenues and profits achieved.
  • Loss in overhead, for repeating the shipping process again after a problem with it, and thus incurring the shipping costs twice.
  • Bad customer experiences, which result from the unsatisfactory service provided by the online store to customers, which results in customer dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction with the service provided.

Delivery exception issues

There are issues with delivery exceptions, which are caused when something goes wrong in the supply chain, so companies need to have proper systems in place to deal with those issues. The following are the main issues related to these exceptions:

Manual processes and lack of visibility

Manual processes contribute to the occurrence of these exceptions as well as the lack or lack of visibility, and therefore companies need to update the systems in which they operate.

So that it uses modern technologies that help them track the delivery of orders, as well as handle cases of delays in order delivery so that it does not affect customer satisfaction with the service provided.

Legacy systems

Legacy systems can cause exception problems, especially since most of these systems do not support reverse logistics.

So if there is a problem with the driver reaching the destination due to an error in the address being detected, the drivers will have trouble processing the order.

Solutions to a delivery exception

There are many solutions that can be relied upon in various e-commerce companies to address the problem of these exceptions.

Which helps in enhancing customer satisfaction with the services provided, and the following are the most important of these solutions:

1. Use more flexible coverage options

Flexibility in your coverage options helps you have better control, especially during the delivery process, which outsourcing can provide.

Proactive response to every delivery exception

The carrier needs to be proactive in responding to exceptions in delivery, thus being able to handle exception issues using real-time automation. Thus, the package is shipped back to the customer faster, thus keeping the delivery process efficient.

2. The if/then workflow

One solution to address this problem of exceptions is to create workflows by triggering alerts and action items.

Through which all scenarios are dealt with in an orderly manner, for example, if the work is not at home to receive the request, this solution will provide instructions on how to process and follow up.

3. Automate your exception handling

Automation technologies effectively help in better management of exceptions, by creating workflows with automated responses, thus optimizing the supply chain.

4. Create predictive alerts to handle delivery exceptions early

Dealing with these exceptions before they occur will help better handle flare-ups by creating alerts that help predict those exceptions.

And that is by relying on machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, through which you can get automatic alerts in order to prevent the exception.

How to manage delivery exceptions efficiently?

delivery exception

Digitizing and automating the delivery and execution process can help you improve your first delivery attempt rate, especially since exception issues are always happening, but how you handle them will provide a better experience.

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What distinguishes it most is its reliance on the latest technologies and smart solutions, which will enhance your business and give your customers a better experience.